Media services to businesses. SaaS based, lower cost of ownership services for business internationally.

Wellbeing Cinema

Wellbeing Cinema licenses media content to businesses in the wellbeing and fitness markets. Wellbeing cinema will also be providing additional distribution channels to market for its clients in the form of online and terrestrial TV channels.

Ambient Music Garden

Ambient Music Garden is Kesseny’s original music library. A consolidation of a number of music libraries Kesseny offered for business licensing opportunities, the library provides music licensing options for clients looking for relaxed or fitness orientated business projects.

Sign Pods: In development

Kesseny’s second key SaaS service, Sign Pods extends the functionality within Melody Pods to enable media to be used alongside the client’s own content to create an interactive and informative signage network that is managed and controlled centrally. With a far lower cost of ownership than traditional signage solutions, Sign Pods leverages low cost tablets […]

Melody Pods now pivoted

Kesseny’s flagship business service. Melody Pods provides businesses with a simple and effective way to get the right music playing in their business. Melody Pods provides a high available service that doesn’t rely on web radio streams to be always available to every zone in every business location. With an online music library catalogue that […]

IPTV Pods: In development

The third vital service within the new SaaS Kesseny portfolio, IPTV Pods enables clients a simple way to develop their own on demand TV channel to develop their brand awareness with potential customers and develop their relationship with existing customers where ever they are. Via all screens, clients will be able to communicate their messages […]

Kesseny: Saas Media services

Kesseny has been evolving in the past two years of development into a multimedia business. Whereas before the ambition was to provide music libraries for a wide range of licensing needs for businesses and professionals, Kesseny is now focusing on multimedia services for businesses. Kesseny will build on its success in the background music market […]

September Morning

A long length ambient track for therapy by Kesseny. September Morning, available under a royalty free license is available at Ambient Music Garden here. Peace.

Fair Trade Royalty Free Music

In a recent interview with the guys at Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails went through some interesting responses to questions about how he sees his future and the future of music. To quote him from the AudioLife blog page: “One of the biggest wake-up calls of my career was when I saw […]

The Great Rock & Roll Swindle Lives On

Pump Audio evolves from innovator to corporate dinosaur. The great rock and roll swindle lives on! See: Pump Audio Reduces Music Royalties By 30% So, things going bad at Pump eh? no cash to invest in growth? Hell! why not take it away from the musicians! take their money instead? I can see this ‘logic’ […]

Musak Holdings Goes ‘Chapter 11’

Musak Holdings goes ?Chapter 11¹ which for those of us who aren¹t savy to US business legal terminology means that it is trying to protect itself from going bankrupt. However, this is usually, in my experience, the last you hear from a company as it slips beneath the water. The article at about Musak […]